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Sorry about the long pause between posts. Not only did I have the normal holiday "stuff" pregnancy brain has kicked in full gear with a month to go my brain is mush. Trust me I wouldnt be surprised if I find my phone in the fridge one of these days!

So since I am so slow in general lately I wont feel too bad that I am going to post my crafty resolutions three days into the new year!

* Sew more for the kids. This year I hardly made anything for Leila, no clothes for sure and that I really regret.

*Sew more for myself. I try these great projects for others and then never make one for myself, first on my list- a knitting needle tote.

* Make one full size quilt.

*Keep my sewing space organized.

*Get rid of the clutter! Hold on to supplies that I will actually use/love. ( I am thinking I may do giveaways of flat rate boxes FULL of supplies, stay tuned this year!)

*Keep knitting. ( I have been a knitting machine lately, more on that later)

*Learn to knit in the round.

*Learn to crochet.

*Start scrapbooking. (I am really inspired by Elsie of the Red Velvet Art)

*Save to get a serger.

*Sew at least once a week.

*Stop hoarding fabric and use it!

*Photograph more.

These are probably close to same for many crafty people, lets see how well I do next year especially with baby boy on the way! EEK!


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Good luck with your goals! I just bought a serger with some saved up b-day money, and it is worth every penny!

laura drescher said...

i laughed when i got to the part about using your fabric as opposed to hoarding it...
i have the same resolution, heehee.
happy new year,
laura d.

little dresses said...

YAY! Crochet! You will love it! If you need any help with it you could give me a call (I will email you my number if you need it). I am going to try to do more crochet videos this year, maybe thet will help too.

sulu-design said...

Forgive my slowness in commenting! Your list sounds doable - it's good to have crafting goals you can stick to. Happy new year, and have fun collecting those crocheted blankets!

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