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I have a new obsession. One that I am going to blame on 60% of my nesting hormones & 40% on my quirkiness in general. I cannot stop buying crochet and knitted blankets from thrift stores. In general I can’t stop buying blankets for the baby that includes receiving blankets and such. So I now have to force myself to stay away from the thrift stores once again!

Lucky for me though Leila also has my quirkiness about blankets and if the baby doesn’t use them all I know that Leila will find a use for them!


Erin K said...

Oh but they are so irresistable!

My 2 year old son loves them. All knitted blankets. So I buy him them all the time at thrift. They are like 2-4 dollars around here. I think he has about 10 of them now. I just can't look at his excitement and joy at seeing them and resist. I think of the time and hands that made the blanket and how much joy it will bring Ethan and I feel like it's perfect.

So I TOTALLY understand the obesssion.

Stacey said...

Same problem...or obsession as well. After baby was born it stopped thank goodness. :)

laura drescher said...

life's too short~
hooray for obsessions!
nest away!
soon there won't be time

sewjune said...

We have several that my mom found at local thrift store. Probably paid 4 or 5 dollars each. We didn't need them but because we are a crafty family, she felt that only we could take these lovingly handmade items that someone else had discarded and give them the honor they deserved! I mean some woman worked hours and hours on those blankets ...

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