Photo found on flickr.

I have had a surge of energy lately. In one day I was able to cook enough meals to freeze so I wont have to cook for the month after the baby is born. I cleaned up and re-organzied my sewing area. Did some laundry. Learned digital scrapbooking on gimp. Read my bloglines. And knitted a few more rows on baby boys blanket. There is still some nit-picky things I want to do (oraganize the linen closet is on the top of that list). But I am statisfied that if nothing else gets done (except for the baby blanket) I will be one happy momma.

You have to love nesting, if I could bottle up this energy I would be a millionaire!


erica said...

Congrats! You are supermom. I love that vintage image you found.

Kelly said...

Yes! Nesting energy is the best - my little boy is two now and I really need that energy back! Good luck :)

Rashida said...

I have to agree with Kelly. Enjoy it now because you're so going to want it back later. Wanna come clean up my house? :P

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