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This weekend I went out and stocked up on some baby boy clothes from our local second hand store. While I did find a few things I am bummed to say that most baby boy clothes are all about sports and tools. While I have no issue if one day that is what he is in to but for right now I would prefer to dress my son less like a stereotypical billboard for boy. So I have looked all over Etsy and Flickr. I have found cute things but I cant spend $30 on just one shirt. I foresee a lot of appliques and embrodiered onesies being done in my future.

Does anyone have suggestions for cute but not overly "man's man" type clothes at an affordable price? I think I may look at threadless but they also are a little pricey for our budget right now. I wish I would have stocked up during their holiday sale. Live and learn I suppose!

I know I am whinning, bear with me, having a girl first I am afraid I was spoiled as for girls you can dress them almost in any sort of style you could imagine and not have trouble finding clothes.


The Stitching Surgeon said...

I feel your pain! I also am not the biggest fan of sports/tool themed clothing for my little boy on the we have gotten very little for him while the little miss already has many onesies all equally cute! I have something in mind for's a surprise so you may just have to wait a week :) Old Navy's clearance section online has some cute henley nonsports onesies and there are some cute striped ones on The Children's Place website - all very affordable!

Tara said...

Non sports or tool themed stuff for boys...hmm... guitars/rock band type stuff. Robots/space stuff. Animals/dinosaurs. His initial. Army gear/Air Force planes. Hope these ideas help!

daintydaisies said...

I have always had that problem. That is why I started making my own appliques on plain shirts. I know this is not handmade but the Gap kids (has great sales) & the gap outlet (there is one in Oshkosh) has cute,cute boy clothes & they wear well and are reasonable to buy. Max isn't into Mama made stuff too much anymore. So sad, they grow up too fast!
(I have some gnomes & robot fabric I would share with you to start out! ;) email me if you are interested! ;)

katie said...

I hear you... my new little guy has the same problem. His clothes are mostly handmedowns, but I did splurge and buy up a few outfits from the Dwell line at Target. And I've dyed a couple of red and orange onesies for him for the days that I can't stomach any more blue.

naomi said...

Hello my dear. I have about 9,000 baby boy outfits if you are interested in any! They are all in great shape, just let me know. Some are pretty 'cutesy', but they are nice.

You are in my thoughts!!
xo Naomi

Sarah and Jack said...

I used to look for animal stuff for Jack, in green and yellow and orange. When he was tiny I could always count on carters, osh kosh, and gymboree for lines like that.

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