Work life has been stressful. I have a semi stressful job but when you are 9 months pregnant emotions fly a little bit off the handle bars and a stressful situation that would be dealt with professionally normally made me come undone and have an anxiety attack. yep a first for me and one I dont want to relive. So it was great to come home with my doctor excuse in hand to find this on our table as so. I doubt Leila knew what she was doing but she would be the only mastermind I know who would put the truck up on top of the yarn.

I learned to do a single chain yesterday and am working on just making it into a dish rag. Then I will keep on trucking. I felt fearless and tried to do a granny square and learn very quickly I am not there yet and had a hard time. Baby steps I tell myself. I didnt knit overnight (and still cant knit in the round) there is no way I will crochet overnight either.

Thank you too for all of the baby clothes suggestions. As I gather a good list of sources I may post it for other momma's of baby boys to have a go to list, that is if I get a decent list going. I have a feeling during late night feedings the computer will be close by!


Anonymous said...

I too have had anxiety attacks. Not pleasant but make sure you relax plenty and keep clam for that lovely wee boy who's about to appear. The crochet hook has saved my sanity over the last couple of years - the simple repetiton when making a blanket is very relaxing. I've gone on to a few more complex things now but enjoy the process. It's amazing how well a few simple stitches soon turn into something spectacular

Stacey said...

Hope u are feeling better! It will be nice when baby arrives to take some time off huh!

sulu-design said...

Sorry to hear about the work-related stress, but happy to hear that you're teaching your self to crochet. I got a book out of the library on crochet for that very reason myself. Now, if I only had a hook...

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