Be good to me

So this past summer I gave up thrifting. Actually I cut back, way back more so than I ever thought I would. Being so vigilant and modest for awhile must have worked in my thrifting karma favor. Each time I have gone in I have found something really cool. This little booster seat I found a few weeks back. I love it, now if only I can find one for adults!


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

what a great booster! from the earlier pic on flickr I thought it was an adult chair :)

daintydaisies said...

you do have good luck! Our thrift stores have been slim pickins' lately!! I did just score some like new vintage suitcases for the shop. :)

sulu-design said...

I know all about having to cut back on the thrifting... the low prices make it feel like everything is worth getting! You really did score with this adorable seat, though.
And that baby blanket you just finished up is gorgeous - I love the color combination.

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