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Let’s talk business shall we?

I don’t know if it is the nesting or the New Year or what but I can’t stop thinking about my crafting and my big dreams for it.

So to jump start everything I have started working on a new banner and shipping material. I am scoping out blogs and websites I would like to advertise on. I am creating a list of stores I would like to contact to do consignment at. I am working on my own website.

I think I have high hopes but once baby boy arrives many things may come to a grinding halt for a little while. I am enjoying the planning though right now so I will just take that for right now.

I am also looking to expand my “brand” not that I know if I really have a brand per say yet but something is starting to emerge so that is good. I am thinking about doing some collage/art work also to go with my thrifty/vintage scheme of things. Hopefully I will have some new art to show for that soon.

I know this topic is probably boring for most but I wanted to get it out there now so I can hold myself accountable next year if it goes not further then new shipping labels *smile*

Happy crafting everyone!

Like the purses? These were a few of the left overs from Craftacular. A few are off in a local store the rest will be up in my etsy shop soon. Want an overload of purses? Feel free to stop at my flickr set.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Love your bags! I think it is best to dream big :)

sulu-design said...

The purses look great, and I admire your business drive. I've recently lost a lot of mojo in that area, so it's good to read how excited you are about it. Hopefully some of that will rub off. Good luck and have fun with the planning!

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