I've created a monster

Most blogging parents will probably agree with me on this one. Their kids are used to us taking pictures of the most random things. Pile of blankets, cup of coffee, half eaten box of chocolates, yep Leila has seen me photograph it all. Becuase of the constant picture taking it has become a normal part of our day and it only makes sense to Leila that if momma has a camera so should she.

This year for Christmas we gave Leila a small digital camera (cost under $20) and while she loves it for carrying around all day her true love is my digital camera which I have basically given to her so I can take Ken's camera, which left Ken with no camera. It should be noted (and this is sad) he loves photography the most out of us and yet gets to do it the least. But I digress.

This past weekend I set out to photograph all of my left over handbags from the Christmas craft show. Got out Ken's camera & the tripod and I was set to go. Well monkey see monkey do, lucky for Leila we had an extra smaller tripod. I set up my camera for her with the small tripod and as I took pictures so did she.

Here is hoping she because a famous amazing photographer and she can tell people in interviews that she has been taking pictures since she was 2 and her mom has LOTS of photographic evidence.


daintydaisies said...

That is sooo cute! :) Jada was that way with the telephone.. she had to have a phone with her at all times. Lol!
I have to tell you I did the same thing when Max was born.. buy up all sorts of beautiful vintage blankets. I have since passed on most of them, but I had quite the collection for awhile! :)

Liana said...

That is so ABSOLUTELY adorable! My nephew was like that. Unfortunately, we didn't have digitals at the time, so we'd give him an empty camera to play with. Looking back, I wish we had so we could see things from his point of view.

Liana said...

THAT is ABSOLUTELY adorable! My nephew was like that when he was younger. Sadly we didn't have digi back then so we had to give him empty film cameras. I sometimes wish we had so we could see what he had seen back then.

The Stitching Surgeon said...

how cute!
noticed you are almost 36 weeks!!! congrats! you're almost there!

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