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It all started with this post. After that all I could think about was knitted goods for baby boy. Not to mention Amanda from Soule Mama showing many different items she had knit for her newest baby boy. I had the bug and I had it hard!

(photo taken by Leila)

So I started knitting a blanket while I was at my doctor's office for over 3 hours to have my blood sugar levels retested. And each row my mantra was happy healthy boy.
This blanket has been by my side seriously since the holidays as we travelled up and down Wisconsin I knit away and it passed the time so quickly.

There were doubts of both mine and Ken's that I would finish the blanket before baby boy arrived. I have been notorius for knitted projects in particular to never finish or only get halfway done.

This weekend I was able to check off finish baby blanket on my list. I finished it up this past Sunday while watching Sunday Morning, as I do every Sunday. Is the blanket perfect? Not in the least but I doubt he will mind. Besides the story of how the blanket came together, and the fact that it is my biggest project to date, is more important to me than the minor flaws.


denitza said...

The blanket is so cool! congrats on finishing it!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

love it! congrats!

Rose Lynn said...

Congrats =D It looks cozy

LeeAnn said...

The colors are perfect for a baby boy! Congrats on checking it off your list!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I bet you can't wait to snuggle him up! Your/his blanket is great - love the colors you selected :)

jennifer said...

it's WONDERFUL!!!!! and i love how each stitch was your therapy. awesome!

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