Life Lesssons


The evidence: half eaten box of chocolates.

The Suspect: a cute innocent looking 2 year old (if you look close enough you can see the smudge of chocolate around her mouth.)

The Conclusion: Dont leave a box of chocolates out in the open unless you want a half eaten box of chocolates.

We are off to celebrate the holidays, lots of crafting to show after the new year, I swear, I promise, girl scouts honor *smile*

Merry Christmas everyone and have some eggnog for me!


Barry O'Connor said...

Oh, I can just imagine the tummy ache that's going to follow. That chocolate smile is too cute to be mad at!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

The Stitching Surgeon said...

have a great Christmas!

daintydaisies said...

Merry Christmas Stef.. to you & your family!
I love the chocolate smile! Too cute!
I feel so luck to have met you, lets stay in touch for sure!


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