Since the finishing of the craft show life in general has slowed down at least a little bit. Which I have no issue with lately. We still have a lot to do before Baby Boy makes his big arrival.

I finally started putting up the tree this week, started because well I realized I had no hooks and those ornaments I have been able to put up Leila has already put on and taken off at least three times in the last two days. She is absolutely mesmerized by the tree and now pulls chairs up to it just to stare at it.

(Notice in the background, Ken has rearrange my NOEL stocking holders daily to spell out different words)

In hopes of slowing down Mother Nature is also in the mix and gave me a snow day on Tuesday where it was a lazy nap day, lots of snuggles, and giggles. A perfect snow day in my books.

This weekend is time to work on Christmas gifts. Luckily I am done with the shopping part (which I am happy to say were bought all at small businesses or by handmade artists) now it is just up to me to finish some handmade gifts. All which shouldn’t take long as long as I just buckle down and do them.

So how is everyone out there? Christmas shopping almost done? Still in the holiday spirit?


denitza said...

Love mixed up " Noel" everyday! Done shopping, not done wrapping, may be still few hand made things to be done-may be yes or may be no?!?!?!?

sulu-design said...

Oh, a snow day sounds just perfect! I'm really enjoying this December, taking it slow and scaling everything back a bit. I should have been doing Christmas this low key all along! I do have three more gifts to make, though...

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