Help save small businesses

I am sure this will make its way around the blogsphere soon but it is really important to keep talking about it and speak with your congressman and senators.

Basically a new law has been passed and is to go into effect soon that will hurt the small business owners who make and produce toys and potential clothes to children. I am horrible with words lately so read about it all here.

For obvious reasons this is near and dear to my heart, just as the handmade movement is really starting to become mainstream it may grind to a hault for many people.

So please follow the above link and follow the links to speak up and do something, that is what I am doing today!

If you love handmade take a stand!


daintydaisies said...

WOW! I did not hear anything about this! Thanks for sharing.. I will spread the news. That is scary.. and will defintly affect me & how I sell and market my products! :(

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