My Nest

Samantha asked a few days ago what everyone's nest looks like out there. Well being 8 months pregnant now I have no doubt set up a nest per say. We just recently rearranged our living room and because of that I have now find my perfect perch while I start to slow down and wait for baby boy to arrive.

The couches now sit corner to corner so Leila likes to sit on the other couch next to me unless she of course is cuddling with me.

Baby boy's blanket is still in the works, it sat pretty much motionless for awhile as I was busy with prepping for my last craft show. Now? It has my full attention and I hope to have it done right before he arrives.
Decaffeinated chai or hot cocoa are never far away I promise.

Do you have a nest? Show it off!


little dresses said...

I love your nest! And that blanket is beautiful! Have a Meerry Christmas.

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