Oh to be 2

I love my daughter. I would do anything for her. She is my life. But boy oh boy is she making the two & half year old stage interesting. As one of the comments put it best yesterday I was having a Super Nanny type of day.

Leila has always been strong willed but she has been a pretty strong roller coaster lately. She is really happy for a few days just a normal goof ball that has me laughing non-stop. And then there are days like yesterday where she screams for no reason, throws toys, and hits me when I don’t respond to her tantrum the way she would like. Days like those are lots of timeouts, a few tears from us both, and pure exhaustion. I think a lot of it has to do with the language barrier, most days I can tell what she is asking for but more and more as her vocabulary tries to expand I still haven’t figured out all of her pronunciations for everything which leads to a frustrated baby and momma.

And this morning we woke up like last night never happen. I got my kiss good bye before work and a happy little girl that I hope is still in that mood when I get home this afternoon.

(These pictures were taken in September. She knew what she was doing wrong yet was angry at me for taking pictures for evidence. It’s like she knows I will use this against her when she gets older!)


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

The pictures of her are really cute - even if she was in trouble :) My kids all have good and bad days - I agree it very exhausting!

GirlS said...

We like flowers.

denitza said...

She is so cute! We , too, have good days and bad days and I'm still hoping my little one( 4 y.o. now) will grow out of it one day, hopefully very, very soon! Have a great and peaceful weekend!

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