What a week (and its only half over)


My day job is hectic. Oh so hectic. Today I was hit on over the phone by a perfect stranger. I have been told numerous times I have a "sexy" phone voice. I dont think so, you should hear what I hear in my head! Actually my phone voice goes one of two ways either 1) its sexy 2) I am a young person and get talked to like I a child. While I am 24 and many may think that is still young, I hate being talked to like I am taking a message for my mother, sweetheart. (ick) What does this entry have to do about anything? Nothing, it is cold outside (wind chills are 45 degrees below zero) Leila is screaming like a banshee at the dog, and I am feeling yucky. Feel my pain.

Oh and this picture, nothing to do with the post either, had to make sure I was ALL over the place for this entry today. Leila has a thing for that hat (which I love so its good) and she walks around with her boots on her hands. Hey if it makes her happy and she isnt screaming in a shrill tone, boots on the hands are fine by me!

(she looks like a vampire in this photo I just realized!)


Danetta said...

Your little one is adorable.
I am feeling your pain with the phone thing even though I am more than twice your age (YIKES!). I despise being called sweetheart and hon. Seriously - give it a rest people.
Hope your evening is better and more quiet.

PicturesFromMe said...

she looks like a little pirate lol arrrrr with the hat and the book and the sock lol

it's me, Val said...

Adorable hat. Did you make it???

sulu-design said...

Thank you for this post. It made me feel totally in sync with you, and not so bad about my own chaotic week - what a doozy! I hope the next one is a bit better - for both of us!

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