Please tell me I am normal!

Ken made a comment to me this weekend that got me thinking. He said that since Leila was born and I have started sewing he has to take out the garbage so much more. I think it has more to do with diapers than scrap fabric but none the less it got me thinking. Sewing has become a part of who I am. When I first started to sew I was so amazed that I had created something with my own two hands (and my trusty sewing machine) that I would tell any who would (and some who wouldn't) listen that I, Stefanie, had created something, a girl who hadn't sewn in her life. A year and a half has gone by and I no longer have to tell anyone, most of the time people just assume everything I have and wear I made myself and while half the time I hadn't made what they assumed I did I appreciate that they are that confident in my skills. I am not that confident yet but the more I examine other works (that of other independent crafters/artists and that of mass manufacturing) I have learned that I am WAY too hard on myself, flaws are pretty common in work but you dont see them with other people's work because you normally dont look for them. This can be good and bad, I know that everything I make to give and sell has been made to the best of my abilities and has been given a high inspection to make sure that it is as flawless as possible. This also takes up so much time and can be discouraging I want perfection and that isnt always possible and I have yet to accept that.

I am starting to embrace my need to sew and have started to notice that no matter how hard I try I am unable to keep it in one confined space in our home. My sewing area is basically any surface, I have accepted that and Ken is slowly starting to come around. Ken recently carved out a section of our main living area (we have an open floor plan where the dinning room and living room are in one large area) for just my sewing and this after all of the moving around seems like the best fit. However I still find bits and pieces of sewing around the house. It is like I leave spools of thread where ever I go. Mainly I think it is because I am always getting distracted. I grab a spool of thread have it in my hand and have to put it down for some reason. My latest destination for spools of thread? None other than in the bathroom on a shelf behind the toilet (loving the color combination it created btw). Its not glamorous in any way but it is just a fact of life now. I have a feeling that for the rest of my life I will have spools of thread left around the house like a trail of bread crumbs always leading me back to my sewing machine.


iheartlinen said...

haha Stefanie, you're completely normal. I find fabric scraps under the sheets in my bed and in my coat pocket sometimes too! But, that may just be from Bella sticking things in her little hiding places. With chasing after her, I end up leaving things all over the house. There was a chopstick in my sewing box the other day. Huh?

it's me, Val said...

Stef, I will tell you one time and one time only, and then you must accept it. (hehe!) :) We art people are like this and I have never met one that isn't. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses which is what makes life as a whole so interesting! Keeping things confined or entirely organized is just not possible. Trust me!!! :):):)

corine said...

Maybe you aren't normal, if by normal you mean bored, lacking passion and enthusiasm. Creating is far more fulfilling than any other endeavor. Mine is writing. When I write, time passes ten times as fast. Oh and yes, my house is a mess now, but I hope I'm never normal again : )

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