I was tagged recently. And since I have never been tagged (that I can remember) I am happy to oblige!

7 random things about me:

+ BFF calls me ballerina legs. Not because I was a ballerina but because some strange creepy man yelled that at me while I was walking in a parking lot a few years back.

+ When I was younger I always would have to chew everything back in forth in my month. Basically chew on the left move over chew on the right. I guess I wanted to make sure that BOTH sides of my mouth had equal time with my food.

+ I wanted to be a country singer when I was a little girl. I still wish I would have kept up on my singing I think I could have gone somewhere with it.

+ I wear my hair in a ponytail almost EVERYDAY. My husband wanted to see me in long hair so I grew it out and now all I do is wear it back, go figure.

+ I bite my nails, have since I was little, and don’t think I will ever be able to stop.

+ I can’t whistle, I wish I could, I try and it sounds pitiful.

+ I am a loud person in general, I talk loud (and fast), laugh loud, and can sing (off key now) pretty dang loudly.

No pictures today (sorry guys) I am swamped at work and the weather is dark and grim here so no lighting is to be found.


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