A good weekend

Well today I consider the end of my holiday break. First full work week and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. This weekend was a great way to end the holiday break, I made some pumpkin chocolate chip bread, watched Roman Holiday, and cleaned.

I dont know what it is about the New Year but I do more cleaning during this time than during spring break. I have 3 large garbage bags full of things to donate to our local thrift store and I plan to purge some more of my craft supplies (check back this week there may be some fabric in it for you!). It is really amazing to me, I feel like I have nothing to sew with until I actually go through ALL of my fabric, I will have to document it somehow just so I can never say, I have no fabric. I feel like the girl with a closet full of clothes proclaiming she has nothing to wear.

So this new year I am making a rule: Bring something in to the home, take out something I dont use. I can donate the item, give it away, unless it is unusable and then it is trashed. I want to stay away from throwing things away I just dont think my "stuff" should be added to the growing landfills.

Also I am teaching myself to crochet, I am self taught knitter and I am ready to take the jump to a new craft I am hoping that Mrs. Happy Hooker can help me out, she is actually the one that taught me how to knit.

So no resolutions per say just a change of direction in how I live my life, any life changes for you all?


design for mankind. said...

Oh I am a FIRM believer of that rule. Problem? I justify that if it enters the garage, it's not actually my home, which is the very reason I have THREE vintage chairs awaiting my upholstery, with NO plans of ridding three current chairs.

My poor dear husband.

BY THE WAY--- your little one is ADORABLE!!!!!!! :)

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