We have been having crazy weather around here, heavy heavy fog, warm temps (60s in some places!!), tornadoes (last time that happen it was in the 1960's). All of this crazy weather has put me in my own fog. I am crazy busy at work and feel like I am slipping from a happy home balance lately. I miss sewing and I miss lazy days. I cant wait for spring and I hate to say that because winter has only begun, plus this spring my baby will be 2 and I am NOT ready to handle that yet. I still remember my freak out when she turned 6 months old, it only seems like yesterday.

Hopefully soon, very soon I will have some fun crafty inspiring posts, lets keep our fingers crossed shall we?


PicturesFromMe said...

hey steffy its your sis maria so i have ones of these now to so i can talk to you more heres mine.

Liana said...

Your thoughts echo my feelings with the exception of the baby. cute though yours is, I have none of my own! But the weather has definitely been crazy and work has, at times, made me feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Here's to hoping things get better!

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