List it and it might get done!


What I have to do today:
* Laundry
* make dinner
* stay warm (freakin -15 degrees (thats the windchill) today eek!)
* Tickle Leila
* check my email a few more times.
* cut out fabric for my upcoming show

What I'll try to squeeze in:
* Take some pictures so I have something to blog about.
* Pick up Leila's room
* Keep working on my secret Valentine gift
* Finish up my doll quilt for another swap.
* bake something

Found this idea on this site.
Photo from this site which I really want to look at this weekend.


StichingSurgeon said...

i think your blog is awesome and so i've tagged you (please don't hate me!) see my blog for details...

Katie Jean said...

oh man, I have lists all over my house. Problem is I always forget to look at them!! haha.

I love the "clean Leila's room." I've been meaning to do Isaiah's forever. I'm currently dressing him out of his laundry basket (clean) because I haven't gotten around to putting it away!

it's me, Val said...

Did you get'er done?? I find listing things like this does it, too :)

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