Proper way to handle fat quarters.

1. Peel off the label
2. Unfold the fabric and let the cardboard drop to the ground.

3. Place the fabric on your head to stretch it out.

4. Twirl around to make sure ALL the wrinkles come out.

5. Show Momma what a great job you did!

I used to put towels on my head and pretend I was a nun. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! (Though I can say with confidence I didn't twirl around while pretending I was a nun.)


LeeAnn said...

The appeal of new fabric starts at a young age in your household!

Annie said...

That is hillarious - great post. I used to sit in big empty boxes!

iheartlinen said...

What? That's what I do with my new fat quarters....Isn't that what everyone does? ^_^

She's too cute! Love it!

coffeechris said...

What a great fat quarter tutorial we will all be smiling after handling our fat quarter purchases from now on. TOO CUTE. I too put towels on my head pretending I was a nun...also used Necco Wafers as hosts to pretend communion...

it's me, Val said... cute!

Fab Grandma said...

That is exactly the way I do it, hahaha! She is so cute.

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