Polka anyone?

Polka dots anyone? I hope this is an indication that polka dots are "in" this year. I love polka dots! Picture courtesy of Boden speaking of which, has anyone ordered from them, any feedback? I want to buy some staple nice quality clothes and donate my underworn clothes.


Anonymous said...

I love Boden and their clothes are great. But shipping is slow.

Sarah and Jack said...

Gah, too bad I missed the giveaway. I do love me some polka dots, but have no experience with Boden.

corine @ HiddenInFrance said...

ooooh I love that red dress. It is timeless and it promises spring. I wonder if they ship to the U.S.

Lola...again said...

Yummy! I love those outfits! I must check Boden out! Thanks!

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