Time for a BIG change

So last night I found this article which then led me to a few blogs that I HAD to read. This has brought me to the change I am purposing for myself this year and hopefully my life. I have too much stuff, stuff I can’t part with because I feel some day I MIGHT use it but have no plans to in the near future. I can already think of one box of stuff that I love but don’t know when or how I will use it.

I can easily admit I shop when I am sad and/or stressed. I justify my purchases and the bags pile up. I forget about things I have until I am in search for something else. I do not want this lifestyle to be brought on to Leila. I am ending it with me. I cant tell you what toys I had growing up besides lots of Barbies; lots of Barbies that I didn’t take care of (painted faces, cut hair, a few even the dog chewed on I am sure) and are now a collection of dust in my parent’s attic. I want Leila to have a few precious things that will last her childhood and that she will pass on to her own children. I want her to take care of her things not to have the attitude, why should I take care of my things I know I can always replace it.

I am overwhelmed by the stuff and I am done. I am not 100% give up shopping but I am being more conscious of my purchases. I am no longer buying a shirt because it was super cheap or wrapping paper that is marked down even though I have 5 rolls already at home that haven’t even been touched. I am vowing that this year (and hopefully the rest of my life) when I buy something new (used) I give something away.

I am amazed at the outrage some people have when people say they are giving up shopping for un-needed items. That this is some how child abuse; to say no to cheap disposable toys. Less is more for me and I stand by that. Leila will not be deprived in any way but I have come to learn she has more fun playing with our everyday item (pots pans and a spoon) than some expensive loud plastic toy.

I am torn however since I want to grow my own handmade business, how can I preach about frivolous spending and then ask people to buy my own items? Here’s how, I am no longer creating for the purpose of just selling. I am creating handmade items that will last a lifetime that will be timeless and hopefully will give a lifetime of enjoyment. I am no longer creating disposable items (in my eyes) and I hope that people see that and understand my intentions. I want to create items that will be considered a handmade heirloom, when I think of that saying I think of well worn quilts. A quilt that has been with a family for the good and bad times, through the everyday moments. That is the type of products I want to make and I am working towards that.

I am one woman, in one small town, with a tiny family but I am ready to make my tiny imprint, my tiny difference. The more people feel compelled to make a difference the bigger of a difference we make as a whole.

I am really hopeful for my generation, there are many people who I know will read this and think I am nuts, and that is fine. I am also happy to say that there will be others who read this, will understand where I am coming from and will be inspired enough to make their own changes.


HobbyMommy said...

You are so right! Thanks for sharing!

sulu-design said...

I'm so glad that you're making these changes. I've always been a bit anal retentive myself, so I've never been huge on acquiring lots of things, as too many things = mess in my eyes. But in the recent years I'd found that my shopping tended to me for emotional reasons rather than out of need, and I worked hard to reduce my "shopping as sport" habit last year. It has made me so much happier, and has made me appreciate and use those things that I already own. Good for you, and good luck!

Aurora said...

Hi--Last year (new year 2007) I took a buy-nothing-new pledge for 6 months--here are 2 links to blog posts about that experience for me---it was really good for me In so many ways! I hope you find success in doing this...


Holly said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration and your new resolve. I'm right there with you.

Steph said...

Buying handmade though is still a huge HUGE step away from the disposable plastic worthless crap.... with handmade you are promoting good work ethics, and good shopping ethics. It is a conscious decision to make things a little better, more meaningful.

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