Winter Weather Blues

So we have gotten a LOT of snow this year, by Wed. morning we are looking at another 5-8" we have almost 60" of snow this winter season(we are heading for a record season of snow). By this point I wake up moaning man I dont want to drive in this stuff again! I know though that I could never live anywhere else, winters wouldnt be the same without this amazing stuff. Seriously where else can you live that you can stand on a frozen lake and fly a kite! Winters in Wisconsin always take my breath away.

BTW for those who are wondering, I fell off the horse and had two big cups of coffee today. I needed to drowned my sorrows of not being pregnant, tomorrow I will try and give it up again!

Photo credits via flickr here, here, and here


Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful photos!!!

kari & kijsa

Tiffany said...


Living in the Pacific North West we only see snow on occasion and then it's a few mild inches that last a day or two at most.

Some day I would love to see all that snow in person!

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