Something crafty to post! Gosh it seems like a long time. This is my contribution for the 4 season quilt swap this obviously being for winter. Originally I was hoping to incorporate a winter embroidery scene but that didnt work out, I was also going to use the trusty disappearing nine patch set but that didnt turn out the way I wanted so I went completely off the cuff. This design I am afraid I could never replicate even if I wanted to! My favorite part this time though was the quilting which is odd because usually that is my least favorite part. I went symbolic, the quilting was to look like a snowflake in the center and the wavy border? Falling snow/snow hills. I really hope she likes this quilt, it was an amazing adventure for me!

Speaking of snow looks like we are going to get a heavy dumping in these parts so I may have other crafty posts soon since I will have daylight to take photos!


Tiffany said...

This is very lovely, you did a great job.

The colors are so pretty, and the quilting is very unique.

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