Third times the charm


One day three bags. Not bad eh? Well these were all prototypes I had an image in mind mind and couldnt stop thinking about it so after two restless nights Sunday I settled down and starting sewing my heart out.

Now be easy these are prototypes so they arent perfect by ANY means, this one was a little TOO puffy and looked like a lima bean for me (plus its uneven and I wont even pretend that that was done on purpose!

Next bag I wanted to play with the top rim and got rid of the super puff, I also manually pleated this one the first one I did a basting stitch and pulled it to make it poof (does that make sense?)

Third bag the best of both worlds loved the rim from the top and loved the bottom from the second. So this will be my new design, it still needs a little tweaking (the opening is too small) but all in all I love it.

So there you have it, that is my process of trial and error. I love this fabric by the way and I got it super cheap so I dont feel bad using it on three bags I probably wont use for more than around the house. Leila should be happy though she has a thing for bags!

Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for the last bag? There was a big request for tutorials lately and this is one I havent seen a tutorial out there for though I didnt look very hard for one!


Amy said...

tutorials are always a welcomed thing here in blogland!

My Happy Turtle said...

I would love a tutorial for that last bag. It is sooooo cute!

gina said...


MIchelle said...

I saw mention of a tutorial and I keep coming back to check for one. I'd love to see how they're made.

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