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I attempted my third craft show this weekend. And like each craft show it gets better than the next. I sold one more thing than the last and while I know I am no where near making a living off my dream I know that I am taking itty bitty baby steps to get there. I am not expecting an over night success nor do I want one.
I feel like the work and patience I need will make success that much sweeter, something I wont take for granted. This show was great for me, I met some other AMAZING artists and hopefully some great new contacts. Really you just have to get out there put your pride aside and have a great time which is what I did.

And the inspiration you get from a craft show is AMAZING especially one with crafters that are like minded it was absolutely amazing.

I just hope that they want me back for the next few show if they continue with I had a great day, snow and all.

Oh and these pincushions? They werent recieved as well as I would hoped, I absoultely love them, they are all made with vintage fabric and linen. They will be listed in my shop in the next few days a few at a time. E-mail me at artsymomma @ gmail.com if you want one before it's been listed. And later this week, a whole lot of tissue cozy love as well as a few totes I made especially for the show that I am in love with but cant keep since really how many totes can one girl have?


Linda said...

Good luck with your craft sales. I'd love to have the time to do that sort of thing, but, etsy just about taps me out for time! LOL Your little pincushions are cute, too!

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Your pincushions are great! I am about to attempt my third show in March. I'm always learning something new at these things...

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