My favorite new tote


Here is my newest tote. I love it almost to the point where I dont want to sell it but I will. What do you think of the tote? Love or hate, be honest it wont hurt my feeling.


jessilynn said...

I think the tote is absolutely adorable. I can understand not wanting to part with it. It is SO easy to get attached to a labor of love. :)

Mellissa - wondermommy said...

I really like it, especially the flower.

daintydaisies said...

I love it and was admiring it the entire time at the craftacular!;) You should see my sewing room.. it is the home of unsold and hard to part with totes (or I probably would of bought up all of your totes) Your shop is adorable!
Take care, Michelle

Amy said...

it is so lovely i think you should just leave it right exactly where it is...sooo pretty!

PicturesFromMe said...

stefy thats soooo cute i love it you make me wanna sew....:( but i cant cuzz my machine

ps look at this site!

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