I love living in Wisconsin and normally I like winter this year though is a whole other story. I am done count me out lets finish up with this dreadful weather! I just went outside and there is no joke a good inch or two of solid ice on our sidewalks. We are having freezing rain, the trees all around us are bending so severely I wont be surprised if they snap. I am worried that we may lose power sometime today and then I will be so bored I may cry! (maybe I can get some knitting done... hmm) After the rain finishes up we are suppose to get another oh 10 inches of snow. We may just hit 100" this winter season it wouldnt surprise me. And tomorrow I HAVE to go into work I am scared out of my mind for that. The owner of the company will be in town so I dont have many options as far as calling in for another snow day.

Leila had these pictures taken during Christmas this year, she has a thing for hats and doesnt care who they belong to, this one I believe my uncle owns. Well at least she saw the long winter ahead long before I did!


Miss Sassy said...

Yeah. No love for the groundhog from Wisconsin. We don't have it as bad as you here in Wauwatosa but it is growing OOOOLLLD. Safe driving tomorrow.

Mellissa - wondermommy said...

Be careful going to work, I hope you thaw out soon.

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