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What is the silver lining to a baby with a high fever for two days? Her taking a nap with daddy while I work on some much needed sewing.

I was only able to get 6 of the 14 purses shells (yep still have linings and straps to do) done since I ran out of interfacing. ( I need well over 10 yards of the stuff to finish just THESE purses) but progress is progress (yea)

I love how these are turning out but I am worried about selling them. For the time they take me to do I am going to have to charge at least $50 a purse and I am not sure they will sell at the craft show. Though it doesnt hurt to try I suppose. I have no self confidence about selling my stuff sometimes. The biggest thing about being an independent crafter is having the confidence that your goods are worth something. Me, I usually am in shock when someone buys something and pray that they dont find the many flaws I see (the sewn lines arent perfectly straight is my big one lately).

Here is where I need an opinion though, would you rather for the closure have:

a) no closure
b) a button a ribbon closure (see back a few posts)
c) a magnetic closure


Katie Jean said...

I hope Leila is feeling better! Having a sick baby is no fun. The purses look great, I love those. I found that people are willing to pay at least $50 for that type and they tend to like the ease of the magnetic closure the best. Hope that helps!

it's me, Val said...

Ok, if I take pictures of Leila, can we trade your product for mine?! I so want some of your stuff! I love it ALL!

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