Sunny and light

The wind is blowing hard out today. A big storm from what I saw on the news is brewing and heading our way. Its ok we need the rain. I just hate the thunder, lighting, and possible tornadoes that come with a big storm. Hopefully none of that hits us tonight (namely the tornadoes)

Well, tomorrow is Leila's 1st birthday. I dont know if I will have a sappy entry or not. We are leaving pretty early to head up to my parents for the long weekend and have Leila's shin dig up there. I promise lots of pictures upon my return!

I also hope to get A LOT more done we are getting close to the show and I feel good but still really overwhelmed. I am hoping this weekend while there are extra hands to keep Leila busy will give me some free time to work on everything!

I have already cut out more fabric for Leila's summer dresses. I love these things so much I want to tell perfect strangers... Look what I made! Pretty cool huh? But I have resisted the urge (barely). I really love the top fabric it is an embroidered number that I paid WAY too much on but I used a coupon so I justified the cost. Plus I only needed 3/4 of a yard so that didnt hurt me too much! Also I LOVE the bottom fabric it is modern/japanese feeling to me and I cant wait to use it!
With the recent making of Leila's clothing I have gained a little confidence in myself and have a similar shirt for me in the works (pretty light green with polka dots). I am also hoping to make a skirt with this above fabric I found at a thrift store. It is a very light weight fabric but I figured I would get some yellow lining and it would all work out. I also got this great J.Jill sweater that is super soft and super light weight at the thrift store the same day. The universe wanted me to be light and sunny right now I suppose!


Katie Jean said...

Happy Birthday to Leila! I hope you guys have a good trip to your parents and enjoy your weekend!

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