What a difference a weekend makes

I got a decent dent in on operation "stock up" this weekend among everything else we did. Here is the new to do list:

20 Tote bags 11 are done (yea!) only 9 to go.
10-12 Springy bags (bad description I know but I know what I mean) 9 are done, only two to do.
15 Patchwork bags, yep this still needs to get done (I will do them this weekend)
15-20 pillow shams, haven’t even started this.
200 hair ponies (which I still dont have all the supplies for) still need to do this but I have at least ordered the supplies!

I am really happy with the progress and I see some light at the tunnel. Though I am starting to feel nervous about my purses. I am scared beyond belief that they wont sell. So I need opinions. I dont want to price them lower then $20 but I am wondering if I should price them higher? They are simple purses no pockets no closures. Simple but cute. I think $20 isnt too low but isnt too high either. Any thoughts?


Katie Jean said...

Wow look at you go!! I think $20 is good. It's an easy sale because you just need 1 bill. You can always try that price and if they don't sell just lower it a little, but I think they'll sell for $20!

it's me, Val said...

Oh they are GREAT! I so love your stuff, have I told you that?! lol!

The Modern Goddess said...

Ooohhh love your bags. Good luck with selling them.

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