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I am avoiding getting my stock ready for my craft show in exactly a month (eek) I dont know why I am avoiding it but I am. Oh well nothing like a deadline to kick this girls butt in gear. I have friends all around me having babies soon so diaper bags have been in order. I made this one for a good friend of mine. She is having a boy but she still wanted a cute (but blue) diaper bag. Enter the Artsy Momma to the rescue.

She was beyond happy with how it turned out as was I; it was what she was looking for she told me. This bag was the first time I used a magnetic clasp. I really dont know what I was so afraid of they are so easy to put in!

Here is the whole gift two onesies , I love them both equally. Some baby toys and a blanket with cute little hippos on it (the baby's room is a jungle theme but I didnt want to do an obvious type blanket).

I love sewing gifts especially when everything turns out great and the recipient likes (or loves) the gift.


it's me, Val said...

And I'm sure she LOVED it. So great! You are so talented!!!

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