First Momma's Day

First happy Mother's Day to all you Mommas out there, you all deserve a standing ovation for making it through another year! I knew motherhood would be tough, but I never really knew how tough. It has been the toughest (and its only been a year) thing I have ever done with my life. No matter how tough though I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The unbreakable love I have for my daughter is like nothing I have ever experienced. And I can say and know that I have nothing but love to give her because at this moment she is going through a temper tantrum phase (more on that later).

I didnt know what to expect for my first Mother's Day. I wasnt expecting a lot just a nice day and it has worked out that way. I woke up really early and while my husband and the baby slept I finally did something I have wanted to do for ages. Fold up and pack up my fabric. I have let it sit out in the open in a very sunny room for far too long. I have a lot of vintage fabric and really didnt want it to fade so I knew (sadly) it needed to be stored away until I got a curio cabinet or china hutch or something along those lines. Besides I think it is time Leila had her actual room so I am purging my craft supplies from there and putting them in our fairly decent size walk in closet.
(the baby gate and car seat look like
casualties of the fabric explosion)

(the fabric took up two couches=5 boxes full of fabric)

After the organization of the fabric I realized:
A) I have too much fabric
B) I am not giving it up
C) I want more fabric

Is there such a thing as fabric AA, never mind I digress.

Ken then took me out for a Mother's Day lunch to our favorite Chinese restaurant. His thinking, no one takes there mom to a Chinese buffet on Mother's Day so it wont be busy. We pulled into a packed parking lot to which he turned and said, "whoa, I guess people DO take their moms to a Chinese restaurant."

In comes the temper tantrum phase, we didnt have a quiet lunch. Half way through the meal Leila decides she no longer wants her watermelon and would rather scream at the top of her lungs until we pick her up and go over to the aquarium to watch the fish. Yep our lunch was spent one at the table one at the fish tank, rotate. It was fine at least I got to eat some good Chinese food!

Ken also let me sneak away for an hour to my favorite antique store in which I didnt come home with a precious doll bed that I really want but might wait to see if it is still around in a few weeks to use as a display for my craft show(hows that for a run on?). Instead I bought two bundles of Country Living, a magazine I just recently started reading but have fallen deeply in love with.

I doubt I will get to read an issue tonight (I will try but it is doubtful) I hear a particular little girl screaming and a daddy exhausted. I think I better go relieve him.

Happy Mother's Day all!


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