Head over heels

I found the mother of all estate sales today. First off the house was gorgeous I took as many mental pictures as I could so I can remember some of the wall colors for my future home. Is it tacky to take pictures of an estate sale? Not sure but no one else seems to take photos so I suppose I shouldnt.

I found a dress that I practically dove for even though no one else seemed to see its beauty. I was hoping it was my size and when I got it home sure enough it stretched just enough to fit (though it looks better on Betty the mannequin)

This picture no where does this dress justice. I think another photo shoot will be in order. Plus more photos of the estate sale later on I am still getting through all of the great stuff!

Does anyone know how to get yellowing stains out of what I guessing is polyester? There is a few dotted stains that I am hoping I can get out. If not I wont hold it against the dress.


Katie Jean said...

That is a beautiful dress! I have not found any good estate sales here, sigh ;(

Renee said...

Everyone keeps telling me oxy clean works well to get stains out, granted I haven't tried it yet but I heard it works wonders on vintage items. Love the dress! You are going to look fabulous in it.

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