I went on a Memorial Day Pattern binge. though at 99 cents a piece you really cant go wrong! I picked up a total of 14 patterns. 9 Simplicity's and 5 McCall's I cant complain Suggested retail for them all would have been around $225 it was $14 well spent even if I am broke as can be!

I bought almost all dress patterns my goal this summer is to sew a dress a week (doubtful but a girl can dream) and showcase them this summer. Though first I need to stock up on fabric that I would love to wear, I have a feeling that will be the easiest part of this summer mission.

In other news Ken, Leila and I may be taking an impromptu trip to Hawaii within the next month on his mothers request and dime since there is no way we could afford it by ourselves right now. There may be big news in the works after this trip. Though I wont spill the beans right now just because I have learned with Ken and his family unless it has already happen it probably wont. Things and promises are always changing. So for the time being I am just looking forward to going to Hawaii. We will be on Oahu so if anyone has any sights that I must see let me know since most of the days Ken will be busy with business and it will just be me and Leila fending for ourselves.


luv Abby said...

Hey there,
I am new to blogging and i love your blog...mine is invite only at them moment but I am getting itchy feet about opening it up to the universe.....I am still a bit nervous though....I am worried it might be too personal...any advice??
luv Abby

it's me, Val said...

Hey stranger . . . sorry I've been so mia :) I have been to Maui and that's it. I think I could go back and do absolutely nothing but take pictures. Wow . . . just thinking about it again makes my mouth water. I loved it. I hope you have a great time whatever you do. :)

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