I have finally had garage sale/estate sale success! I hit the vintage & craft jackpots this weekend. And I really want to brag since everyone has been making me green with envy with there great finds lately (you know who you are!)

I have decided that I want to decorate Leila's room in a shabby chic design once we move her out of our bed. I found the great shabby lamp that I want to rewire and just clean up. At the same garage sale I picked up the retro clock and the paper doll set which I was SO excited about. I also got a great deal on some fabric scraps and ribbon at a different garage sale and picked up a few craft books at an estate sale.

At the vintage jackpot garage sale (I have seen the homeowner at quite a few of the estate sales around town) I picked up some cute vintage baby things and some hankies and linens. The piggies bib is my favorite I dont think Leila will use it since I dont want to stain it more I think I will just have to figure out a way to display it. I also found the cutest doll quilts that once washed I think Leila could use when she gets older for her dolls.

Finally the sale I wish I would have bought more from. I took home three lovely overstuffed totes (which you couldnt open it was basically a surprise grab) that were full of great ribbons, lace, and bindings. I also got a handful of these (handmade?) flower pins in various colors and styles. I am still kicking myself for not going back the next day to see if there were any left on "reduction" day.

Now arent you all green with envy :)
(I think I just screwed with my blogging karma!)


CindyLou said...

Now you have made me jealous! Love your finds!

Renee said...

I am totally jealous last couple of weekends have not been full of the thrifty Gods. I am glad you found great stuff and thanks for showing at least I can see the cool stuff other people are finding!

Katie Jean said...

wow look at all your lucky finds!! Geez, I think I need to out thrift you now!

it's me, Val said...

Oh my gosh, what great stuff, Stef! I love the bib, too, and the PAPER DOLLS! You would love Maia's room. You know what? I should take some pics and blog about them. I think you'd really love it. When/if we move, I still want to do the vintage theme again in her room. Ok, now I have to go take pictures! :) Great finds!!!!

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