I heart Etsy

I havent been on Etsy lately. Actually for a long time I took a oddly long hiatus. I was overwhelmed I guess. It seems to get noticed on Etsy you need to be overly active on the forums until you build a customer following. I was spending WAY too much time there and not really seeing a benefit. I got tired of the politics and the process so I just stepped back completely. I am back on Etsy (not a full force like before but I stop and say hi!) and I have started to buy again. For the few months that I have been gone so much has changed and there are more and more great artists joining everyday. After a yuck day nothing feels better then spending (a little) cash to help continue the dreams/goals of a fellow artist. So here you go my first Etsy purchase in a long (long) time.

I love Japaneses fabric but I never splurge on it so I figured I might as well have a cute little pouch made outta the stuff. How cute is this owl? I love everything about the pouch including the cute gingham lining. So go check out Simbiosis by Julia you wont regret it!


The Calico Cat said...

I have checked that etsy before - one of the first ones I looked at actually. (I wanted to buy some of the Japanese fabric = I still want Puss-n-boots.)
Amy - fellow doll quilt swapper

Ziakoko said...

It can be a bit disheartening, the difficulty of selling spoils the pleasure of making. It would be more help if Etsy could attract more non- craft/art buyers but I supposed that would make it cost more, its still the best place to find unusual & beautiful treats

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