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Just wanted to pop my head in to say hi from my one women sweat shop. The nerves are starting to kick in for the craft show Friday I have a feeling will be an all nighter type of night to get everything done. I am down to the details. Well, if you consider sewing on handles details then yep TONS of details being worked on!

I have to say making handles is the worst part for me when it comes to sewing but I absolutely cant justify buying plastic handles when I can sew handles. Argh me and my cheap ass!

I am also starting to get bored. I have NEVER created a stock before and if I never have to again I will be happy but I know I will maybe I will just be more sporadic though it seems that consistency sells better so we will have to see.

With my bordem I have started to dream of my new projects I want to try. So dream a little dream with me?

I want to start sewing clothes for myself.
I have a baby quilt to make for my soon (very soon) appearing niece Sidney.
More baby girls dresses are in the works.
A quilt for our room.
Doll quilts for Leila.
New style purses.
A few custom orders (which include drapes of all things)

I have also signed up for a swap that I am SUPER excited about

I have never quilted before but I wanted to try and what better way then a doll quilt? I just hope I dont disappoint my partner.


it's me, Val said...

Um, I am CERTAIN you will do fabulous on the quilt. I can't wait to see it!

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