Neck of the woods


If you ever venture up near my home town of Manitowoc, WI you HAVE to stop by Persimmons and say hello to Kim. This is the best store ever and way ahead of it times (for Manitowoc) I could spend hours there talking with Kim about crafting and hours looking at all of the great stuff she carries in the store. Which now includes of few of my patchwork bags as well as other items on consignment (yea!)

Kim loves to create and trade this ATC (art trading cards) on Etsy with fellow artists she let me pick one out before I left, I found it hilarious since I love ducks and always (here comes a weird bit about me) have to take pictures of ducks when I am at a park and such. This bad boy is going up on my inspiration board (once I finally get it up on the wall!)

Kim, it was awesome meeting you and I now have a place I MUST go to every time I go home!


it's me, Val said...

I can't wait to check her out!

Sorry I have been MIA from your blog! We went on vacation and arrived back last Friday (midnight). It's taken me all week to get back into the swing of things and catch up on my bloggin' buds.

Hope things are well!

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