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I have decided to change my way of collecting items. I decided that every time I go to a garage/estate sale I am to donate something to make room for the new item. We have so much stuff and I am feeling overwhelmed. So the other day I went through my craft room and donated a trunk load to my St. Vinnie's since I have boughten so much from there before and I felt I was returning the favor and besides I support there causes (most of them anyway).

See my pretty car? I love my car it is a Honda Civic SI it is an older model not the super tiny one and not the current style. My dad refers to it as the mini-mini van. Though it is a lot cooler and faster than a mini van. My car was a pre-baby purchase and it was still so new when we found out we were having Leila that I didnt have the heart to sell it. It was the car I had dreamed about for a year and was amazed I found a used one. My husband last night backup up into a large rock in my car. There is a hole in my rear bumper and now a hole in my heart. My baby is broken.

**Moment of silence for my sweet, now broken, ride.**


Jelly Wares said...

I found your blog through the doll quilt swap site.

I donate stuff to Vinnie's on a regular basis also, it's good to keep the circle going round.

Your poor car! I've just brought a new car, it's the car that I've been wanting for the last 5yrs. If anything happened to it I would be devistated!!


it's me, Val said...

Way to go, Stef!

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