How wise I have become

Today Leila and I soaked up the warm weather we are having out here. With everything going on lately I had forgotten about the simple things about living my life in enjoyment. Life is short. That quote is so true but in the everyday grind we seem to forget it. Worries overcome us; ours is normally about money like many. How stupid. We have enough just to get by but we are the statistic we are a paycheck away from bankruptcy. God forbid something was to happen to us, but if something did we would survive. Through the love of others and our own inner strength.

And what made me come with these profound thoughts? The smell of lilacs. I seem to always forget after going through winter the intoxicating smell of lilacs. The smell instantly brings me back to my parents home, to my childhood. My mom absolutely loves lilacs. I remember through grade school the first blooms of lilacs went to my then teacher. And while they turned to a pile of brown mush by the end of the day (or after a few hours) those first few minutes of holding the bunch on the bus and breathing in their smell was priceless.

Have you ever tasted the nectar of a lilac? It takes a few flowers to get a good taste but it is so sweet like drinking in the smell. Maybe I am weird my sister and I would spend hours outside next to our lilac bush sucking out the nectar. I have to remember to show that to Leila when she gets older.

I need to concentrate on the simply things, I have realized with all of the estate sales I have been going to, we have so much stuff and while we are connected to this stuff we cant take it with us and it isnt as much of a value to others.

I know this wonderful weather wont last and clouds will roll in and the sky will light up with electricity and the only sound we will hear is the booming above us. The great thing about mother nature though is she is life, just as bad times come in like a thunderstorm, the clouds always roll out and the sun comes to shine again.


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What a beautiful post :)

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