White flag is flying

My sewing machine and I made a truce. Actually we did yesterday but I needed to finish sewing up the tote before gloating!

But first the terms my machine agreed to:
1) work day and night and always be my creative outlet
2) warn me when it (meaning I) need a break by sending out a sign (ie thread tension being off, needle breaking, thread snapping)

I agreed to the terms:
1) I will keep my sewing machine in tip top shape by oiling it and cleaning as it should be!
2) stop cursing at my sewing machine, it is normally the operators fault not the machines (besides it's feelings get hurt)

So here is the new spring tote! I am planning on making a diaper bag out of this design I am thinking of making it slightly bigger and makes some accessories (wipe holder, diaper holder, changing pad). I am just so happy with how this one turned out. I am going to part with it and place it in my shop this week (I need some better pictures of it before listing). Hopefully there will be a little sunshine within the snow (yep you read right) we are suppose to get tomorrow.

Got to love Wisconsin in the purgatory of seasons!


it's me, Val said...

Haha . . .I enjoyed the ammends with your sewing machine :) Glad she's back to workin'. The tote is gorgeous - fabulous job!!!

Katie Jean said...

Haha.. I think cursing at your sewing machine makes it work better! I love the tote, how did you make the handles? They look stuffed.

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