Wow, its been a whole week since I have posted, that flew by unintentionally!

So within a week it went to spring back to winter (5 or so inches of snow) here in Wisconsin yucky.

But wait at my door today was my Spring Swap gift from Sharla to bring spring at least back inside of our home! It took every will to not rip into everything, I paced myself (talk about some will power) as I opened each super springy(is that a word??) gifts!

Enough yapping on to the photos!

How cute is this wrapping?!?!?

Yea for sewing supplies, and super cute fabric!

P- I absolutely LOVE this frame!

R- Gotta love pink goodness!

I- (love the description- I really made these cards!)

I love love LOVE these cards (so creative) and I really love the cute beagle it looks a lot like my puppy!

Pretty stationary and magnets!

How cute are these thrifty pot holders?

Sharla! Thank you so much for the swap gift for a first time swapper you did an AMAZING job, yours should be going out this weekend (Monday at the latest) I hope you love everything as much as I love my gift!


it's me, Val said...

How neat and how fun!!!! Where do I go to play such fun games!? :)

I linked ya at my blog to do a meme. Hehe :)

Christy said...

You got some great stuff and so cute on the giftwrap. I'm still working on mine-hopefully it will get out early next week.

Katie Jean said...

Those are some fun things. I'm glad to see what someone else did for this swap before I sent mine off. I need to get on that!

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