Thirft finds

Just a heads up, this post will be very picture heavy! I havent been sharing lately (shame on me) of all of my awesome vintage finds. I love going to my local thrift store, I have stopped going as much (yep I am so broke I cant justify splurging on $5 any more) but I was going on a daily basis at one point I am down to a once a week (pay day LOL) trip to find little treasures. These have been sitting around awhile and I just HAD the need to share today, so without further ado.....

There have been so many beautiful doll quilts floating around lately I am no quilter (though I want to learn) so when I found this pillowcase I snatched it up so that I could turn it into a small quilt for Leila, I know its cheating but I really dont care!

This pillowcase I absolutely LOVED the flowers on, I didnt really have a plan for it when I picked it up but I am now planning to create a pillowcase dress for Leila either this summer or next summer.

One of my coolest finds to date an old packaged version of the sock monkey. I am super geeked about this, I have always wanted a sock monkey of my own just never had the time to create one.

Sad sailor girl, I dont know why but this little photo called out to me the more I look at it though its slightly creepy and slightly depressing.

I have a new love for doilies lately I had seen an article where an artist had taken some doilies and placed them in floating picture frames, hope they dont mind but I am planning to do some decorating with that idea, and at 75 cents a pop it is fairly good investment.

I love things that are so ugly they are cute... introducing my ugly owls, this I think will go with me to work as of right now we dont really have a Kleenex box at home (bathroom tissues has always worked for us, though that will change with babies with runny noses soon I am sure)

Well that is it for now, I have another obsession to show soon I just have to collect them all to get a good photo. Stay warm those in the Midwest and think warm spring thoughts!


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