Sewing woes

My sewing machine and I are not seeing eye to eye. Plain and simple.

I dont know if it is the dreary weather (rain and thunderstorms for the last two days) and the gray skies but my sewing projects have been nothing but train wrecks. I am working on two baby diaper bags (one a tote style the other a messenger style) The tote style to put it nicely is a disaster, like a nationally claimed catastrophe. Be grateful I didnt take pictures it is even worse then the piling laundry you all bared witness to earlier this week! Thankfully for the first time in my life I didnt go jumping in and cut up all of the nice fabric I picked out for it instead I used other fabric and wrote my measurements as I went so that I didnt try to "wing it" when the first one turned out the way I wanted. Two days have passed and I have declared defeat for the next few days I need a break and a breather.

So a break from the bags well I still need to get a lot of WIP done so I figure I would take a go at some fabric coasters. I once again decided to wing it and figured the fabric would come together like a puzzle, after a few curses under my breath (have to be quiet the baby is napping) I have also declared to retreat from the coasters (for the time being)

I am now off to make fabric buttons, something I KNOW I cant screw up!


it's me, Val said...

Teach me to sew . . . please?! :)

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