I am still in shock

I am not normally a soap box type of person, especially on my blog but I feel compelled today to comment on today's series of events.

Like most this unfolding story has shocked and horrified. For me though it touches a deeper nerve. I dont know if it is because it wasnt very long ago that I was a young college student with dreams in my eyes roaming a vast campus. Or because I am now a mother, a mother to a child who will one day be a student.

As a college student normally we are still young adults with the feelings of invincibility, though we are slightly more careful, dont walk alone at night, dont drink from a drink you set down at a frat party, have a designated driver if you drive. You get the idea most of these things involve safe drinking habits. You dont normally feel as though you have to be watchful while you are sitting in a hall lecture (for me I was usually just trying to stay awake). Being at a university is like being in a large community bubble where normally you would feel very safe.

I am upset that someone felt they had the right to take one more thing of safety away from people, innocent people who were doing nothing but trying to get an education to one day achieve their dreams.

The only way I can make sense of things like this is to embrace my own faith (which is something I also dont speak freely of) I truly believe that we all have a plan a destiny if you will and that all things happen for a reason. For me it is the only way to make sense of things like this. Do I feel it is fair, absolutely not but I also know that life isnt fair. I know that normally few (or many) may perish in order to place a mark on someone else's life. Do I like to admit this, no, but this is my only way of making sense of this horrific day.

As a mother it scares me to know that one day I will have to let my baby go and experience the world and that people who are in need of medical intervention are also in the world who may potentially hurt her or my family in general. Because of this true (and unfortunate) truth I know that I must and do cherish each day of my life, my daughter's life, and my family's life. I try to enjoy each day as though I will not have the pleasure of having another. I know that everyday can not be like that, we all have bad/rough days. But in the all and all scheme of things I have been truly blessed and I thank my God everyday because of it.

I urge everyone to please cherish everyday you are given to roam this earth, it is a true blessing.

Hug your child tight tonight and tell all that you love how you feel about them.


Katie Jean said...

I know how you're feeling, I've been thinking about this since it happened yesterday and it just breaks my heart.

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