What a great weekend...

Well sort of. I got a lot of sewing done that I absolutely love and Leila was in a good mood most of the weekend so that is always a plus.

I was also able to start sewing my newest line. I have started to create a home decor line it is just at its earliest stages but it is a HUGE step for me!

I am really happy with how these all turned out. I have a few more that I didnt post pictures of but they will all be listed on Etsy soon. So check back often!

Leila got a new hat from Etsy this weekend from a great store called AmigurumiKawaii

Though she doesnt look like a little devil with the hat on (it is still a little big for her) she does look awfully cute!

As to the reason this weekend was a sort of good weekend, I was given some awful news early this morning as well. One of my uncles was just diagnosed with stage 4 skin cancer. I dont know much more than that just that it doesnt look good and to really prepare for the worst. It is a hard blow in his family in general just due to all of the health problems that have recently plagued them. I am really in shock and the numb stage right now sort of at an out of body feeling right now, it is just surreal. I just hope he can be as comfortable as possible in his last few years and do those things he always thought he would do some day but never had the time in the past to do. I wish that for everyone really, live your life and live your dreams this isnt a dress rehearsal you only get one shot.


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