My second home

I am a bad mother, well not a bad mother just an opportunist I suppose. Leila is 8 months old and about 4 months ago after listening to my husband complain for the last time about my sewing taking over the whole house I decided to take the room that was to designated to Leila (she has always slept in our room even before this) that it would be my sewing room until she is old enough to justify having an entire room to herself. That isnt horrible right? She wont remember a baby room I tell myself and besides I know she wont mind when she gets older because I have vowed to make sure she has a studio/bedroom of her own as she grows.

Though I am now in big trouble since a bigger area for sewing means more stuff *smile* my stash has a mind of its own now and vintage fabric has taken over what once was Leila's room and is now designated as my "craft room"

To make sure I remember who's room this is really for I keep all of Leila's pandas in the room. Before Leila was born we decided not to find out her sex so as a nickname we called her Pan-Pan since I knew I wanted to decorate the baby's room in Pandas but didnt want to call her Panda so the nickname Pan-Pan came about and with the nickname came the abundance of stuffed pandas. They are now the protectors of the fabric until Leila is old enough to call them her own and hug the stuffing out of them.

I just dont know what I will do if we have a second child, we just may have to buy a house since we cant add onto our apartment as much as we wish we could. And I cant image going back to sewing in the living room!


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