Custom orders are the best

I love doing custom orders. This last one I did was especially fun because my customer sent her own fabric. I always love to see what people will put together she did a great job and the purse gives off an awesome vintage feeling.

The truly amazing thing about this purse was it was the fastest purse I have put together. I had cut out the fabric last night while Leila was in a good mood.

This afternoon while Leila went down for her nap I started to sew it together, mind you I figured I would get half way done since Leila is famous for 15 minute cat naps. She actually took a decent nap and I was able to get it completely done in one sitting as well as get it photographed AND loaded onto Etsy. I feel so productive, I have been more productive this last week then I have in months.

I am hoping this will be a good weekend to catch up on even more sewing. When I first started sewing only 6 months ago I would never had thought I would be so in love with it and so obsessed. I cant wait to see my progress in even the next 6 months since I have grown by leaps and bounds already.

Leila is also growing in leaps and bounds she is pulling herself up and propping herself up against things and now believes I am the human jungle gym. Though the greatest thing is she has learned to give kisses however they are usually open mouth and she likes to lick our cheeks in the process. My baby girl turned 8 months yesterday my god how time has flown.


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